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Precious Tori

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the official Tori Amos livejournal community

This is a place for Tori Amos fans, Our purpose is to discuss her music and to share news, photos, media, offer discussions, etc. with fellow fans. Everyone is welcomed to post . So if you're a Tori fan, JOIN :D

1. Anyone can join.
2. All posts must be written in english
3. One picture per post. If you want to add more, please use a lj-cut.
4. Large pictures are only allowed in a lj-cut. We don't want to be responsible for any crashing computers.
5. Only TORI related posts are allowed. Don't take this the wrong way but we're not interested in complete life stories. Use your own livejournal for that.
6. No hotlinking, unless you have permission from the webmaster/mistress
7. Selfmade graphics/drawings/fanfics/etc. may be posted to a certain extend, just don't exaggerate it.
8. Keep it nice and clean, please. I'm not gonna whine about swearing ( I myself, swear all the time) but I'm trying to make this a nice community, not some kind of battlefield, and please respect all members work

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